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28th May 2010
'Jyothis 2010 ' at ICS, Khaitan
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(How to use the website?)

  1. Install Malayalam Fonts into your computer. (follow the instructions given here to install the malayalam fonts into your computer)
  2. Start your learning by going through the brief introduction and history of the language.Click on General Info to go through the Introduction, History.
  3. Learn the malayalam alphabets. General Info> Alphabets.
  4. Once you are familiar with the Alphabets and its pronunciation, you are ready to start your Malayalam Lessons. Proceed to the Beginner Stage.
  5. Start with the Spoken Malayalam-1 by learning simple words commonly used.
  6. Once you are in the Beginners stage, you will see a list of lessons on the left hand side of your Internet Browser.
  7. It is recommended that you go lesson by lesson.
  8. Each words, sentences, conversations etc… are accompanied by sound files which make it easier to understand and learn Malayalam.
  9. Lastly Do not forget to turn your speakers ON!
  10. Some of the lessons are accompanied by do it yourself exercises.
  11. Hope you enjoy the experience at this site.

Q.I dont get to see the Malayalam font,instead see some gibberish.

A. You probably have not installed the fonts ,please click here to download the font. Please follow the instructions HERE to install the fonts in your computer.

Q.I cannot see/hear the sound files.

A.This site uses Flash player to play the sound files. If you are using Internet Explorer and you cannot see the player,your browser is probably blocking it, check with your activeX settings of the browser.
If you still cannot view the player, probably you dont have flash player installed,to install the flash plugin,please click here.

Q.Do I need to pay to use the site?

A.No. This site is a service to the language and we do not want to get paid for doing it. However, if you like the site and find it useful please spread the word.


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